Travel posts


    Thanks to the brilliant Adam Field, I’ll be participating in a fun event with 36 other ceramic artists during the NCECA Conference in Houston, TX.

    Check it out on Instagram:
    “HIDE’N’SEEKAH” will be hiding 36 pieces of pottery in Houston, TX during this year’s NCECA conference. Clues to fin each artist’s work will be posted on their Instagram feed and the HIDE’N’SEEKAH feed. Finders Keepers!
    Not on Instagram? No better time to start. HIDE’N’SEEKAH is not an official NCECA event. Images in the poster do not necessarily represent the pieces to be hidden.

  • NCECA Bound pots

    Wish it were me heading to NCECA this year, but at least some of my pots will show face. Packed up and shipped some new wares to Red Lodge. They’ll be representing my work at the Gallery Expo.

  • Good people, good times

    Packed up and heading east. What better excuse to visit friends along the way.