Touch lll

Touch III is an inquiry into the senses. I am interested in how our other senses are affected when one sense is denied or removed. Touch III is an installation of a wall display of several tumblers. The forms themselves elicit the desire to touch them with curves, indentations and prominent dimples. Beside the wall display is a black box with hand hole openings on each side. Inside the box is a single form that demonstrates similar attributes to the one ones on the wall. The audience is encouraged through signage to interact with the piece by putting their hands inside the box and to touch the piece without being able to see it. The intention is to bring a heightened attention to what the audience is feeling with their hands. The removal of the sense of sight activates the participant’s mind into imagining what that piece might look like based on assumptions made by looking at the wall pieces. Again, in this installation I invite the audience to engage physically with the work and to heighten their awareness to the utilitarian aspects of my work.